Sports Activities

Student's Sport Activities

The sport facilities and programs at RAK MHSU are considered as an integral part of the student life. They are provided to meet the athletic needs of the students as well as to promote the athletic spirit; foster team work and positive attitude, accelerate social interaction among the University community.

Athletics include a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities e.g. football, basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, table tennis and Chess. Moreover, two gymnasium halls are well equipped and made available for students. RAK MHSU provides separate sports activities, timings and facilities for male and female students housed in the Sports Complex.

As a member of the Higher Education Sport Federation (HESF), RAK MHSU participates in the regular tournaments and competitions arranged by the HESF.

A dedicated professional Sports Officer, Mr. Mohammed Abu El Magd, coordinates and supervises the activities and the training sessions.

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Sports Activities Schedule

Internal Tournaments

HESF Tournaments

RAKMHSU Mini Marathon

RAKMHSU Sports Day
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Freshers Sports Competitions
Inter-Collegiate Sports Tournament
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