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Research & Publications

    1. Dr. Vijaya Kumardhas, Dean is the co-investigator along with the principal investigator Dr. Sharon Brown, Professor, Griffith University and Fatma College of Health Sciences for the discussion paper on “Strategic leadership considerations and interventions for the reduction of diabetes and associated chronic disease prevalence in Abu Dhabi over the next 20 years” to be submitted to the Oxford Praxis Forum Green Templeton College University of Oxford.
    2. RAKCON Research Project: International collaboration with South Australia – University of Adelaide, Chester University – UK and RAKCON, RAKMHSU, UAE, “Breaking Intergenerational cycle targeting expectant parents and families to improve children’s health and wellbeing – Eat well a feasibility study”. Dr. Vijaya Kumardhas, Dean – RAKCON, Co researcher, Seed Funding from Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Research.


Dr. Vijaya Kumardhas is one of the authors of a Chapter title “Mental health with different ethic groups and minorities” in the book Mental health Across the lifespan. First Published in 2016 by Routledge

Dr. Rekha Ogale:

Research Participation: In Process. Systematic Review on Cultural competency & Cultural awareness among the Health Care Professionals.

a) Faculty research-Principal investigator:

Systematic review of cultural awareness and cultural competences among the health care professionals from 2006 to 2015. Research team Members: Dr.Zita, Dr.Vijayakumardhas, Dr.Rekha Ogale and Dr.Sampathkumar

b) Faculty research-Principal investigator:

“Effectiveness of lifestyle intervention on endothelial function among asymptomatic pre hypertensives students in RAK Medical and Health Sciences University” – Principal investigator- Dr. Saidunnisha- CEDAR Reaearch

“Emotional intelligence, general self- efficacy and Specialty preferences of healthcare students.- Principal investigator- Dr. Mustaffa
Effectiveness of self -instructional module on the emotional quotient and stress resilience among the students of RAK medical and health science university, Principal investigator- Dr. Anshu
Stressors among nursing students. Principal investigator- Dr.Rekha Ogale

Guided BSN III year student project titled” Effectiveness of awareness programme on knowledge and attitude regarding Self Breast Examination among school going adolescents girls in RAK, UAE.

Guided BSN III year student project titled” Effectiveness of awareness programme on knowledge and attitude regarding tobacco smoking among school going adolescents in RAK, UAE

Guided BSN II years for student project titled “Knowledge regarding polycystic ovarian disease among school going adolescents in RAK, UAE

Faculty research project is underway titled “A study to assess the interpersonal communication skill among nursing studying in RAKCON, RAKMHSU”.


RAKCON Research Activities

MSN students undergo a course on Advanced Research Methods. As partial requirement for MSN degree a research project has to be conducted and thesis written last year and also presented their research proposal to the college research committee, which was approved. All the students from previous year have completed their thesis and submitted in the 1st week of Sept 2016. Viva examination was also conducted and all the students passed the course. The list of faculty supervisors and the names of students and their topics for the present batch is shown below:


  1. MSN IV SEM  2015-2016

Name of the student Name of the supervisor Research Topic
Ms. Sindhu Joshy Dr. Prema Krishnan Sindhu Joshy Perception regarding psychosomatic disorder among nurses working in Ministry of Health Hospitals, RAK , UAE
Ms. Hana Dahir Ismail Dr. Rekha Ogale Quality of Life of Patients with Bronchial Asthma, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arad Emirates”
Ms Mili Mathai Dr. Prema Krishnan Perception regarding Mental Health and Mental Illness among Nurses working in Hospitals, RAK,UAE
Ms Ghadir Ziad Al Chaleh Dr. Priyalatha Quality Of Life Of Patients With Arthritis
Ms. Basmah Mohammed Hussein Kahafa Dr. Maragatham Kannan General health of ambulatory care nurses.
Ms. Sado Yousuf Omar Gelle Dr. Rekha Ogale Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Breastfeeding among Lactating Mothers, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
Ms. Maitha Ebrahim Obaid Saeed Al Mheiri Dr. Shukri Adam Workplace Violence Among Nurses Working In Selected Hospitals
In Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Mr. Jamil Ahmed Dr. Vijaya Kumardhas Depression among nurses working in the hospitals of Ras Al Khaimah
Ms. Saumya Jagadeesh Dr. Maragatham Kannan Effectiveness of planned teaching on application of Braden scale in terms of knowledge & skill among nursing assistants
Ms. Hadil N. Z Dawwas Dr. Vijaya Kumardhas Burdens of caregivers for the mentally challenged children in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
Ms Suja George Dr. Priyalatha level of perception of nurses regarding their workplace climate
Ms. Sameera Sulaiman Ghuloum Redha Dr. Shukri Adam Job Satisfaction among Nurses Working at Primary Healthcare center in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates