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MS in Pharmaceutics

Program Outcomes

Master of Science in Pharmaceutics

Master of Science (MS) Pharmaceutics is a two-year program that comprises one year of course work and industrial training and second year is the dissertation work.

The total number of credits are 41.

Courses                                                     :   29 Credits

Dissertation and research seminar     :   12 Credits


Program learning Outcomes

At the end of the program, the students will be able to:


  1. Acquire integrated and comprehensive knowledge regarding manufacturing technology, pre-formulation studies, novel drug delivery systems and biotechnology products
  2. Develop highly specialized and multidisciplinary information about   physical and chemical properties drugs that affect solubility, stability, and other biopharmaceutical properties significant in the development of dosage forms
  3. Gain technical knowledge in thrust areas regarding the machinery and instruments involved in the manufacture of drug products.


  1. Demonstrate advanced skills to operate different machinery involved in the manufacturing and analysis of quality pharmaceutical dosage forms.
  2. Assess the physicochemical properties of pharmaceutical materials and execute stability and pharmacokinetic testing for a wide range of drug products.
  3. Conceive innovative and novel ideas to plan and design research in the area of pharmaceutical technology and pharmacokinetics 


        C1 Autonomy & Responsibility
  1. Demonstrate control and direct the professional investigations of interactions between drugs and excipients in the formulation of dosage forms
  2. Assume a specialist professional role in recognizing the scientific basis of a good formulation and adopt new strategies to offer solutions
        C2 Self Development
  1. Perpetuate ethical standards in the implementation of   professional practices through cGMP and develop novel products.
  2. Develop and demonstrate one’s personal contributions in group projects or assignments in drug product development and evaluation
        C3 Role in Context
  1. Effectively communicate scientific information both orally and in writing to inform and educate professional and scientific peers.
  2. Function independently and take initiative to develop scientific systems and summarize information gleaned from group experiences in product manufacture