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Programs Offered

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Pharmacy

BACHELOR OF PHARMACY DEGREE PROGRAM (B Pharm), comprises of 6 months of General Education, one year of basic sciences, two years of Pharmaceutical sciences and 6 months of Practice School. The total duration is four years.

Master of Sciences in Clinical Pharmacy

Master of Science in the specialization of Clinical Pharmacy comprises of a two year program with first year for course work in Clinical Pharmacy and the second year for dissertation work.

Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Master of Science (MS Pharmaceutical Chemistry) comprises of one year of pharmaceutical sciences subjects and practical training and one year of dissertation work specialized in pharmaceutical chemistry.

Master of Science in Pharmaceutics

Master of Science (MS) in the specialization of Pharmaceutics comprises of two year program with first year for course work in Pharmaceutics and the second year for dissertation work.

MS Program Highlights:

  • Two years (Four semesters) programme with one year (Two semesters) each of course work and dissertation (research).
  • Accredited by Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research (MOHESR), UAE
  • Recognized nationally, regionally and internationally
  • Curriculum bench marked to international standards
  • Internationally experienced and trained faculty
  • Innovative teaching, learning and assessment methodologies
  • Laboratory skills and research exposure
  • Multicultural and multinational academic environment
  • International student exchange program
  • Industrial and hospital collaborations
  • Excellent in house training facilities
  • Cater the needs of the society

MS Program–The Need:

  • To train experts to work in UAE, Middle East and other countries.
  • No Master’s program is there with specialties in UAE as on date.
  • Master’s program will help us to prepare ground for PhD.
  • To provide specialists to work in Hospitals, Community, Industry, Academia and Govt.
  • To implement Rational Drug Use, Good Manufacturing Practices and to work in R&D.
  • To facilitate the availability of competent faculty.