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Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives

Goal 1:

To offer academic programs of high quality in pharmaceutical sciences which are recognized nationally and internationally.


    a) To design and develop need based programs:

Academic Programs

    i) Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) by 2007-2008 (accomplished)
    ii) Master of Pharmacy (MS) in Clinical Pharmacy by 2011/12(accomplished)
    iii) Master of Pharmacy (MS) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry by 2011/12 (accomplished)
    iv) Master of Pharmacy (MS) in Pharmaceutics by 2013/14 (accomplished)
    v) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Pharmacy by 2018-19.
    vi) Registered Pharmacist – B.Pharm. (RP-B.Pharm) bridge program for diploma holders by 2018/19.
    b) To recruit and retain academic fraternity committed to creation and application of knowledge;
    c) To develop other contemporary educational curricula to meet local and international standards;
    d) To develop pharmacy practice skills and training in cutting edge technologies to be acclaimed internationally by competent healthcare professionals;
    e) To provide required infrastructure facilities for the academic and other programs.
    f) To develop an evaluation system to monitor the outcome of all courses and, infrastructure facilities.
    g) To recruit students committed to acquiring knowledge, skills and appropriate competence towards patient care.

Goal 2:

To promote openness, diversity, fairness and academic freedom.


    a)To organize, record, research, present, critique and manage pharmaceutical science related information.
    b) To work effectively as part of a health care team.
    c) To monitor the access of relevant records to students, faculty and administrative Staff.
    d) To evaluate co-ordinators, supervisors, chairpersons, faculty, students and patients in relation to different goals.
    e) To promote interdisciplinary interaction among students and staff.

Goal 3:

    a) To support lifelong learning via both print and electronic sources and to remain current with the advances.
    b) To acquire new information and data and to critically appraise its validity and applicability to one’s professional decision.
    c) To communicate compassionately and effectively, both verbally and in writing with colleagues, patients and their families, with honesty and integrity.
    d) To exhibit a capacity for self evaluation, moral reflection and ethical reasoning to form the basis for a self directed, lifelong learning and involvement in the pharmaceutical sciences profession;
    e) To establish and promote an alumni association to support graduates.

Goal 4:

To contribute to the advancement of knowledge and practice of pharmaceutical sciences through research.


    a) To encourage scholarly activities through conferences, seminars and enabling to publish research papers in scientific journals, by providing budgetary support.
    b) To write research projects and receive research grants.
    c) To utilize intellectual property of the University for the betterment of the humanity at large.
    d) To create facilities for doctoral research.

Goal 5:

To render ethical healthcare and service to the patients with highest degree of accountability to self and community.


    a) To describe and discuss the implications of basic ethical principles.
    b) To demonstrate the ability to educate and counsel the patients and community and to motivate them to adopt health promoting behaviours.
    c) To facilitate student and faculty access to continuing education programs, speakers bureaus, training and to carry out patient and community surveys.

Goal 6:

To promote inter-institutional alliance with premier colleges of pharmaceutical sciences, drug industries and universities.


    a) To foster interaction with industries, to promote research, infrastructure development and student placement.
    b) To establish consortial agreements with other premier health institutions, drug industries and Universities.
    c) To monitor the development of outreach programs, internships, collaboration with other universities/institutions.
    d) To monitor the development of a career planning unit.