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Bachelor of Pharmacy

Theory Practical
Continuous Assessment Comprehensive Examination Continuous Assessment Comprehensive Examination
In course Assessment 50 MCQs 100% In course Assessment 50 OSPE/OSCE Practical examinations
Written Test 20 Daily assessment 25
TBL 20 Lab manual, viva 25
SDL Assessment 10
Total 100 100 Total 100 100
Ratio for Final Mark 60% 40% Ratio for final marks 60% 40%
S.No. Item No of Assessments
1. In course Assessment 1
2. Written Test 1
3. TBL 1
4. SDL 1
5. Practical Assessment 1



Master of Science  

Continuous Assessments

Type of Continuous Assessment Number Weightage Date of Submission /


Mid-semester Exams


01 for each

course (Theory/


60% of continuous assessments Week 9
Theory: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): 40%;

Extended Response Essays (EREs): 60%

Practical/OSPE: Experiments; case presentation; Synopsis; Viva voce

Assignment 01 for each course 10% of continuous assessments Will be notified at the beginning of semester
Seminar 01 for each course 15% of continuous assessment
PBL 01 for each course/ Integrated 15% of continuous assessments



Exam Type Number of Assessment Time of Examinations Weightage Components
Continuous Assessment Details provided in table below Contribute 60% to the overall marks  

Details provided in table below

End Semester Exams 01 at the end of semester Week 18/19


Contribute 40% to the overall marks  

Theory: MCQs (40%) & EREs (60%)


Practical/OSPE: Experiments/CBL; Synopsis/Viva voce