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Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm)

Written examination: (Specific for each course)

Continuous Assessment – 50%:

End Semester Exam – 100% MCQs

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Continuous Assessment
  • Quiz
  • Assignments
  • TBL
  • Day to Day work
  • Lab Manual, Viva
  • Practical Continuous Assessment

Master of Pharmacy (M.S) Programs

Continuous Assessment

The methodology for conducting various continuous assessment components and their respective weightages are as follows:

  • Mid Semester Assessment (total weightage 60% of continuous assessments)
  • Assignment (total weightage 10% of continuous assessments)
  • Seminar (total weightage 15% of continuous assessment)
  • PBL (total weightage 15% of continuous assessments)
  • Continuous Assessment in Practical/Clinical

In courses with practical credit hours, practical skills will be assessed using a variety of assessment tools.

The tools used, relative contributions and frequency will depend on the nature of the course. This information will be available from the faculty in charge of each course.

End Semester Examinations

There will be an end semester exam at the end of each semester for theory and practical/clinical for each course.

This examination will contribute 40% to the overall mark of each component.

When the continuous assessment marks and End Semester examination marks are summated, each student is expected to score a minimum of GPA 3.0 in each of the components separately in theory and practical/clinical components. A student who fails in theory or practical/clinical component will appear for the respective component only for Repeat examinations.

Assessment Methods include the following types (not all are used in each program)


  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
  • Restricted Response Essay (RRE)

B.Active Learning Component

  • Problem Based Learning (PBL)
  • Seminar


  • Laboratory report
  • Laboratory result
  • Log book
  • Objective Structures Practical Examination (OSPE)
  • End Semester Practical Examination (ESPE)
  • Viva

Weightage distribution for Theory and Practical components

Theory and Laboratory components will contribute equally to overall course marks.

Course Grading System

Students shall be assigned grades (letters) for each course in which they are examined. The letter reflects the student’s achievement in the course. The minimum grade for passing a course is letter “C” and grades are written in letters according to the following table:


To be eligible for graduation, the student must satisfy each of the following requirements:

    • Must have satisfactorily completed the program within the maximum study time limitation of respective programs (excluding internship wherever applicable) from the date of registration. This period is four years for full time study and six years for part time study.
    • Must have met the attendance requirement of 75% separately for theory and practical classes in each semester.
    • Must have achieved a CGPA of more than 3.0.
    • Must have successfully completed the dissertation.
    • Must have completed all required coursework in the curriculum.
    • Must have earned at least 75% of total credits required for the program at RAKMHSU.
    • The student becomes a degree candidate when the Department Chairperson, on the request of the faculty advisor, certifies that the student has completed the program and the University requirements for graduation and, consequently, recommends him/her to the Academic Council through the Dean for the conferring of the appropriate degree.
    • Students must have met all financial obligations to the University within the time specified. The certificate for graduation and transcripts will be withheld if there are any dues to the university.
    • In order to qualify for graduation the student must earn a minimum of 44 credits for the following MS:
      • Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy
      • Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
      • Master of Science in Pharmaceutics

Academic Honors

Academic Honoring of Graduate Degree is classified as follows:

      • CGPA 3.8 or higher : Master with Distinction
      • CGPA 3.5 – 3.79 : Master with Merit
      • CGPA 3.0 – 3.49 : Pass

Award of Degree

Degree certificates shall be processed by the Office of Examinations. To avail degree certificate, the student must satisfy graduation requirements mentioned above. Degree certificates shall be issued during Convocation which will be held annually.