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The biggest killer in the world today, accounting for over 80% deaths worldwide, is not war, infection or natural calamities but modern lifestyle.

Lack of physical activity, obesity, high fat diet, stress and tension, alcohol and smoking are the lifestyle factors that innocently manifest themselves as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia and other ailments, and then without warning, strike fatally as Heart Attacks (which accounts for approx 60% deaths) & Cancer (which accounts for 20% deaths). Other lifestyle killers include Accidents and even AIDS, which results due to lack of safety compliance.

Medical professionals are certainly knowledgeable about disease. They will benefit from the study of health-related subjects like Nutrition & Dietetics, Exercise & Fitness, Stress & Health Psychology etc., and their correlation with disease & healing.

Health Professionals will benefit not only from expanding their knowledge to other health fields, but also from understanding more about modern degenerative diseases (Arthritis, Joint problems, Obesity, Anxiety, Depression, Cardiac ailments, Cancer, AIDS etc.) and their connection with an unhealthy lifestyle.

The Wellness industry is a Trillion Dollar Industry covering many health verticals, & will need graduates from all disciplines in order to manage the industry & those with the knowledge this course provides, will have the advantage

This knowledge can be beneficially used in many ways. It can be used to advantage in the Corporate & Health Industry (for improved health, fitness, productivity, stress management etc.) It can be used in Hospitals & Clinics (in Medical Check-ups as a Preventive Medicine in cases of early detection of ailments). It can also be used in Secondary and Tertiary Hospitals Care to enable inpatients & outpatients to achieve optimal levels of health to promote activities of daily living.

“Avail a group discount @ 25% per person for 5 or more enrolments” .