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Internship – Medical University in UAE

Internship (MBBS)

After graduation one year internship is mandatory if a student wants to practice Medicine in most of the countries in the world except the USA and Canada After passing the final MBBS examination and graduating, students can undergo rotational Internship in the approved hospitals of the country of their choice for a period of twelve months. If they desire to undergo internship in UAE, the University will facilitate the approval from the Ministry of Health, UAE to complete their training in the Federal hospitals of UAE so as to get internship completion certificate from MOH and the office of the Dean.

The intern shall be entrusted with clinical responsibilities under the direct supervision of a senior faculty/ consultant. They shall not be working independently.

Internship is a phase of training wherein a graduate is expected to conduct actual practice of medical and health care and acquire skills under supervision, so as to enable him/ her to function independently.

The Internship in UAE is arranged and supervised by the Ministry of Health and the University has no authority over this except the initial facilitation.

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