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Sem Course Title Title Author Publisher Year & Ed
Sem I Health Sciences Communication in Arabic Arabic for English Speaking Medics Zawawi, Sharifa M Red Sea Press Latest
Computer Skills Information Systems for you Doyle, Stephen Nelson Latest
Sem I & 2 Advance Nursing Concepts – I (Adult Health Nursing) Brunner and Suddarths Textbook of Medical surgical Nursing Smeltzer, Suzanne C Lippincott Latest
Advance Nursing Concepts – II (Mental Health Nursing) Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: Concepts of Care in Evidence Based Practice Townsend, Mary C F A Davis Latest
Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Fortinash, Katherine M; Worret, Patricia A Holoday Elsevier Latest
Abnormal Psychology Ann M. K Wiley Latest
Principles and practice of Psychiatric Nursing Stuart, Gail W; Laraia, Michele T Elsevier Latest
Advance Nursing Concepts – III (Women & Maternal Health Nursing) Clinical Skills Manual for Maternal and Child Nursing Care Bindler, Ruth McGillis Pearson Education Latest
Foundations of Maternal Newborn and Womens Health Nursing Murray, Sharon Smith; McKinney, Emily Slone Elsevier Latest
Labor and Delivery Nursing: A guide to evidence based practice Murray, Michelle L; Huelsmann, Gayle M Springer Latest
Advance Nursing Concepts – IV (Child Health Nursing) Wongs Essentials of Pediatric Nursing Hockenberry, Marilyn J; Wilson, David Mosby Latest
Child Health Nursing: Partnering with children and families Ball, Jane W Prentice Hall Latest
Pediatric Nursing Skills and Procedures Mandleco, Barbara L Thomson Latest
Sem 2 Islamic Culture and Medicine Fiqh Us-sunnah  As-Sayyid Sabiq American Trust Latest
Nursing Ethics Ethics and Issues in Contemporary Nursing Burkhardt, Margaret A; Nathaniel, Alvita K Delmar Cengage Learning Latest
Ethical Component of Nursing Education: Integrating ethics into clinical experience DeWolf Bosek, Marcia Sue; Savage, Teresa A Lippincott Williams Latest
Nursing Ethics Thompson, Ian E Churchill Livingstone Latest
Sem 3 Nursing Research Methodology and Statistics Statistics for Nursing and Allied Health Plichta, Stacey B; Garzon, Laurel S Lippincott Latest
Medical Statistics: A textbook for the health sciences Campbell, Michael J John Wiley Latest
Research Process in Nursing Gerrish, Kate; Lathlean, Judith Wiley-Blackwell Latest
Nursing Research: Generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice Polit, Denise F; Beck, Cheryl Tatano Lippincott Latest
Sem 3 & 4 Principles and Methods of Teaching Learning Nurse as Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning Bastable, S B Jones & Bartlett Latest
Textbook of Nursing Education Neeraja, KP Jaypee Latest
Teaching in Nursing: A Guide for Faculty Billings, D M; Halstead J A Saunders Latest
Nursing Leadership and Management Effective Leadership & Management in Nursing Sullivan, E J; Decker, P J Pearson Latest
Guide to Nursing Management and Leadership omey, Ann Marriner Mosby Latest
Managing and Coordinating Nursing Care Ellis, Janice Rider; Hartley, Celia Love Wolters Kluwer Latest
Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing: Theory and application Marquis Bessie L Lippincott Latest
Community Health Nursing Community Health Nursing: Caring for the Publics Health Lundy, Karen Saucier; Janes, Sharyn Jones & Bartlett Latest
Community Health Nursing: Promoting and protecting the publics health Allender, Judith Ann; Spradley, Barbara Walton Lippincott Williams Latest
Community Public Health Nursing Practice: Health for families and populations Maurer, Frances A; Smith, Claudia M Saunders Latest
Community Public Health Nursing: Promoting the health of populations Nies, Mary A; McEwen, Melanie Saunders Latest
Professional Issues & Trends in Nursing Kellys Dimensions of Professional Nursing Joel, Lucille A McGraw Hill Latest
Professional Issues in Nursing: Challenges and opportunities Huston, Carol J Lippincott Williams Latest
Professional and Ethical Issues in Nursing Burnard, Philip; Chapman, Christine Bailliere Tindall Latest