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Sem Course Title Title Author Publisher Year & Ed
Sem I Nursing Informatics Nursing Informatics and the Foundations of Knowledge McGonigle, Dee; Mastrian Jones & Bartlett Latest
Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association American Psychological Association American Psychological Association Latest
Nursing Education Nursing Education in the clinical setting Emerson, Roberta J Mosby Latest
Curriculum Development in nursing education Iwasiw, Carroll L; Goldenberg Jones & Bartlett Latest
Nursing Education: Foundations for Practice Excellence Moyer, Barbara A; Wittmann-Price, Ruth A F.A. Davis Latest
Teaching Nursing: Developing A Student Centered Learning Environment Young, Lynne E; Paterson, Barbara L Lippincott Latest
Statistics for   Health Professionals Statistics for Nursing and Allied Health Plichta, Stacey B; Garzon, Laurel S Lippincott Latest
Organizational and System Leadership Beyond Leading and Managing Nursing Administration for the future Yoder-Wise, Patricia S; Kowalski, Karren E Mosby Latest
Management and Leadership for Nurse Administrators Roussel, Linda; Swansburg, Russell C Jones & Bartlett Latest
Leadership And Management in Nursing Grohar-Murray Pearson Latest
Sem 2 Advanced Health Assessment Bates Guide to Physical Examination and history taking Bickley, Lynn S Lippincott Latest
Health and Physical Assessment in Nursing Damico, Donita; Barbarito, Colleen Pearson Latest
Physical examination and health assessment Jarvis, Carolyn Saunders Latest
Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning Rhoads, Jacqueline Lippincott Latest
Health Assessment in Nursing Weber, Janet; Kelley, Jane Lippincott Latest
Physical Assessment for Nurses Cox, Carol Lynn Wiley Latest
Theoretical Foundations in Advanced Nursing Practice Philosophical and Theoretical Perspectives for Advanced Nursing Practice Cody, William K Jones & Bartlett Latest
Nursing Theories: A framework for professional practice Masters, Kathleen Jones & Bartlett Latest
Theoretical Basis for Nursing McEwen, Melanie; Wills, Evelyn M Lippincott Latest
Middle Range Theories: Application to Nursing Research Sandra Peterson and Timothy S. Bredow Lippincott Latest
Issues in Professional Practice Ethics and issues in contemporary nursing Burkhardt, Margaret A; Nathaniel, Alvita Delmar Cengage Learning Latest
Current Issues in Nursing Cowen, Perle Slavik; Moorhead, Sue Mosby Latest
Role Development in Professional Nursing Practice Masters, Kathleen Jones & Bartlett Latest
Issues and trends in nursing: Essential knowledge for today and tomorrow Roux, Gayle; Halstead, Judith Jones & Bartlett Latest
Advance Research Methods Understanding Nursing Research: building an evidence based practice Burns, Nancy; Grove, Susan K Saunders Latest
Practice of Nursing Research: Appraisal synthesis and generation of evidence Burns, Nancy; Grove, Susan K Saunders Latest
Nursing Research: Reading Using and Creating Evidence Houser, Janet Jones & Bartlett Latest
Nursing Research Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice Polit, Denise F; Beck, Cheryl Tatano Lippincott Latest
Sem Course Title Title Author Publisher Year & Ed
Sem 3 Advanced Pharmacology Clinical Drug Therapy rationales for nursing practice Abrams, Anne Collins; Lammon Lippincott Latest
Drug Therapy in Nursing Aschenbrenner, Diane Lippincott Latest
Pharmacology and the Nursing Process Lilley, Linda Lane Mosby Latest
Pharmacology for Nursing Care Lehne, Richard A Saunders Latest
Sem 3 & 4 Adult Health Nursing – 1 & 2 Medical Surgical Nursing: Clinical management for positive outcomes Black, Joyce M; Hawks, Jane Hokanson Saunders Latest
Advanced Practice Nursing: An integrative approach Hamric, Ann B; Spross, Judith Saunders Latest
Medical Surgical Nursing: critical thinking for collaborative care Ignatavicius, Donna D; Workman, M Linda Elsevier Latest
Medical Surgical Nursing: Critical Thinking in Client Care LeMone, Priscilla; Burke, Karen Pearson Latest
Introduction to Evidence Based Practice in Nursing and Health Care Malloch, Kathy; Porter-O’Grady, Tim Jones & Bartlett Latest
Brunner and Suddarths Textbook of Medical Surgical Nursing Smeltzer, Suzanne C Lippincott Latest
Medical Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems Lewis, Sharon L Mosby Latest
Paediatric Nursing-1 & 2 Wongs Nursing Care of Infants and Children Hockenberry, Marilyn; Wilson, David Mosby Latest
Child Health Nursing: Partnering with children and families Ball, Jane W Prentice Hall Latest
Community Health         Nursing -1 & 2 Public Health Nursing Population Centered Health Care in the Community Stanhope, Marcia Mosby Latest
Community Health Nursing: Caring for the publics health Lundy, Karen Jones & Bartlett Latest
Psychiatric – Mental Health Nursing – 1 & 2 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Videbeck, Sheila L Lippincott Latest
Nursing Diagnosis in Psychiatric Nursing: Care plans and psychotropic medications Townsend, Mary C F A Davis Latest
Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Concepts of Care in Evidence Based Practice Townsend, Mary C F A Davis Latest
Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing Stuart, Gail W Elsevier Latest