Sareesh Narayanan Naduvil
Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification  
  • PhD - Physiology, Manipal University, Manipal, Karnataka, 2013
  • MSc - Medical Physiology, Manipal University, Manipal, Karnataka, 2007
  • Certificate Course - Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Methodology, Manipal University, Manipal, Karnataka, 2009

Professional Career

(Total Teaching Experiences)
  • Assistant Professor (Since May 2017), Department of Physiology, RAK College of Medical Sciences, RAK Medical & Health Sciences University, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.
  • Assistant Professor (November 2013 - April 2017), Department of Physiology, Melaka Manipal Medical College (Manipal Campus), Manipal University, India.
  • Senior Grade Lecturer (September 2013 - November 2013), Department of Physiology, Melaka Manipal Medical College (Manipal Campus), Manipal University, India.
  • Lecturer (September 2007 - August 2013), Department of Physiology, Melaka Manipal Medical College (Manipal Campus), Manipal University, India.


Achievements/ Interests/Publications/Awards  


  • Bestowed certificate of appreciation from Manipal University for excellence in teaching in the year 2014 & 2016
  • Awarded Dr T.M.A. Pai Gold Medal for Outstanding Medical Research from Manipal University in 2012, 2013, 2015 & 2016
  • Elected by the students among the 50+ first year MMMC (Manipal Campus) medical teaching faculty as; 4th good teacher in 2015, 3rd good teacher in 2011, 2nd good teacher in 2010 & 5th good teacher in 2009
  • Awarded 1st prize from Manipal University for making an audio-visual teaching material on “an overview of motor system examination and role-play demonstrations of associated disorders” in 2011
  • Biography was included in the 8th edition of Marquis Who?s Who in Medicine and Health Care (2011-2012)
  • PhD Guide- Manipal University

Research grants

  • Ad-hoc research grant from Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in 2012.
  • Seed money grant from Manipal University in 2011.

Selected research publications
Citations- 343, h-index- 9, i10-index- 8

  • Narayanan SN, Kumar RS, Karun KM, Nayak SB, Bhat PG. Possible cause for altered spatial cognition of prepubescent rats exposed to chronic radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation. Metab Brain Dis. 2015; 30(5):1193-206.
  • Snehunsu A, Ghosal C, Kandwal M, Yadav PK, Nayak BS, Rao KR, Kamath SU, Sahoo P, Srinivasan KK, Naduvil Narayanan S, Kumar S, Joseph A. 1-Triacontanol cerotate; isolated from Marsilea quadrifolia Linn. ameliorates reactive oxidative damage in the frontal cortex and hippocampus of chronic epileptic rats. J Ethnopharmacol. 2015;172:80-4.
  • Narayanan SN, Jetti R, Gorantla VR, Kumar RS, Nayak S, Bhat PG. Appraisal of the Effect of Brain Impregnation Duration on Neuronal Staining and Morphology in a Modified Golgi-Cox Method. J Neurosci Methods. 2014 Jul 23;235C:193-207.
  • Narayanan SN, Kumar RS, Paval J, Kedage V, Bhat MS, Nayak S, Bhat PG. Analysis of emotionality and locomotion in radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation exposed rats. Neurol Sci 2013;34(7):1117-24.
  • Narayanan SN, Kumar RS, Nayak S. Student-involved demonstration approach to teach the physiology of vestibular apparatus for undergraduate medical students. Teach Learn Med 2011 Jul-Sep;23(3):269-77.

All research publications:

  • International journals- 15 (Includes PLOS ONE, Physiology & Behavior, Archives of Medical Research & Bioelectromagnetics)
  • The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation (HFG), New York, USA- 2015
  • Book chapter- Best and Taylors Physiological Basis of Medical Practice- 2010

Editorial board member

  • EC Psychology and Psychiatry (ECPP)- 2017
  • Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry International Journal (APBIJ)- 2016
  • Review editorial board- Frontiers in Radiation and Health (a specialty section of Frontiers in Public Health)- 2014


Indian Academy of Neurosciences (IAN)


  • Invited lectures/ resource person for workshops- 5
  • CME/ workshops attended- 22
  • CME/ workshops organized- 2
  • Scientific presentations at conferences (National & International)- 10