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RAKMHSU Alumni’s Affairs

Why To Join

RAKMHSU has been enriched by the commitment and dedication of many people, and it is now ready to become a source of national renewal and international leadership. As we develop and implement a vision for RAKMHSU in the 21st century, we ask alumni to help fulfill the promise inscribed .You are uniquely qualified to contribute to the envisioned strengthening of this wonderful university and for improving the educational experience as a preparation for life. It is RAKMHSU aspiration that it’s alumni enjoy a lifetime of networking, learning, and leadership by staying connected with their alma mater.

We hope to engage you more than ever before in creating the next vision of this university. A first step towards this goal has been the formation of Alumni’s Affairs under the leadership of Office Of Student Affairs to reach out to our alumni. We request you to suggest any new ways in which you may be able to help RAKMHSU attain new heights. You are a source of strength and symbol of success for RAKMHSU and we hope that we can continue to count on your unwavering support as we begin to shape RAKMHSU as a world class university.

Benefits & Services

Alumni will be vital in developing a 21st century vision for RAKMHSU by joining in the Focal point Forum programs to create a vision for the future identifying opportunities for changes that will benefit students.

Participating in continuing education, mentoring students, and joining in activities such as university events making visible their identity as RAKMHSU alumni in their professional, civic and personal lives. Dialog and discussion are crucial to achieving our goals, and alumni must have an important voice. We invite you to contribute to this exciting dialog and look forward with great expectation to your active involvement in the advancement of your alma mater.

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