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Articles Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Management Curriculum

Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Management Curriculum


i. HR, HSE, Health Insurance, Management Professionals

ii. Graduates in any discipline

iii. Final Year Students may also apply.

(Subject to change / revision as required)

All Subjects are Compulsory

1. Anatomy and Physiology

    • a. Overview of Human Anatomy
    • b. Overview of Human Physiology
    • c. Musculoskeletal System
    • d. Nervous System
    • e. Cardiovascular System
    • f. Respiratory System
    • g. Endocrinal System
    • h. General Pathology

2. Health and Disease Management

    • a. Health Management
    • b. Health dimensions and Scope
    • c. Life cycle & Health
    • d. Population Medicine
    • e. Corporate Health Care
    • f. Occupational Health Care
    • g. First Aid & Safety
    • h. Environment and Health
    • i. Alternative Medicine therapies
    • j. Disease Management
    • k. Concepts of Disease
    • l. Immunity and Disease Transmission
    • m. Communicable Diseases
    • n. Non-Communicable Diseases
    • o. Degenerative Ailments

3. Nutrition and Weight Management

    • a. Digestive Process
    • b. Principles of Nutrition
    • c. Nutritional requirements
    • d. Principles of Diet Therapy
    • e. Nutrition & Cardiovascular Diseases
    • f. Dietetics for various diseases
    • g. Weight Management
    • h. Nutrition Related Disorders
    • i. Sports Nutrition
    • j. Health Foods
    • k. Dietary counseling

4. Health Psychology & Stress Management

    • a. Psychodynamics of Behaviour
    • b. Stress
    • c. Health damaging and Health promoting behaviour
    • d. Cognitive and Behavioural Coping Strategies
    • e. Relaxation
    • f. Biofeedback
    • g. Progressive Muscle Relaxation
    • h. Visualization
    • i. Massage
    • j. Meditation

5. Exercise and Fitness

    • a. Exercise for a Healthy Lifestyle.
    • b. Benefits of Exercise and Physical Activity
    • c. Physiology of Exercise
    • d. Physical Fitness
    • e. Principles of Exercise Prescription
    • f. Aerobics for Stamina
    • g. Principles of Resistance Training
    • h. Mobility and Flexibility Systems
    • i. Yogasanas
    • j. Biomechanics and Ergonomics
    • k. Exercise for Special Populations
    • l. Psychology of Sports and Exercise
    • m. Sports and Games
    • n. Exercise and Sport Injuries
    • o. Organizational Fitness Initiatives
    • p. Motivation and Exercise Adherence

6. Health & Lifestyle Assessment and Correction

    • a. The Comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Scan
    • b. The Preliminary Health Scan
    • c. The Introductory Health Scan
    • d. The Inpatient Wellness scan